Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Three weeks!

This past week has been a great one! Tess is truly getting the hang of night time, and we love her very much for it! last night she slept from 10-4 and then back to sleepy she went from 4:30-7:30.

Tess has been making TONS of funny expressions lately. Like 1,000 a day. she always has a funny or adorable look on her face!! I really think she is going to be a silly girl!

She continues to make lots of noise too. her favorite noises to make are.... gurgles, the sound of a bus breaking, and walrus noises when her pacifier is in.

her belly is growing nice and big, but her little body is still VERY peanut sized. (she kinds looks like a bull frog with her new little belly)

she is also becoming much more aware of the people around her, or holding her. she sees us!!

picture time!

here is one I dug up of joey as a three week old-ish baby..... does Tessie look like him?

and Finally, one of my Favorite pictures of dad and daughter ready for the season....we are very excited for the season! onsie and headband compliments of numero uno Giants fan Emily! :) Enjoy!

*picture placement is strange, still working on it!*

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