Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Well.... It happened. She went and turned 1 on us!!!! Tess had a full week of birthday fun starting the week before in Bakersfield where she spent time with Omi, Grammy and Grandad. We took her to get her first Ice Cream at Dewars, and she loved every bite. Grammy also took Tess to Toys r Us to pick out her birthday present. I was a bit skeptical she would be able to do that....but after purusing the aisels for a while she finally found what she wanted. A dolly stroller, and a furry bunny. and She LOVES them.

her beloved new toy.
first trip to Dewars

She didnt realize just how good it is.

On her birthday we spent the day at home....eating sprinkled pink pancakes and playing with and opening a few special birthday girl packages that came in the mail.

thank you Lady Bobbie 

Good morning!...Im ONE!!!!

Nana Gigi and Great Grandma came over to bring gifts in the afternoon for the bday girl. Then as soon as Daddy came home, it was off to Auntie Em and Teeko’s to celebrate in San Francisco. Tess was delighted to see everyone especially Willie their new puppy!

skyping with Great Grandparents


I just want my cupcake!!

play by play with the cupcake!!

blurry....but couldnt resist that face.
um... YUM
Tess ate her yummy red velvet cupcake (all of it!) and then opened her presents..... she loved everything!!! 
We had the best evening with Tess being the birthday star! Poor thing just layed awake for hours because she was so wired by her sugary cupcake, didnt go to sleep till after 10:00....and she was the sweetest little gem on her very special day!!!
a girl after her mom's heart.
Auntie Em
the obsession with Willie has begun.

Happy Birthday to our Tessa Love Bug!!!!