Friday, January 11, 2013

Little Beau is 1 month old! Here he is in the flower chair;)
Well by 5 weeks old Beau already had a bad cough- to the Dr. he went.
There we were informed that he weighs 10 lbs
Sleep is.... not nearly as cool as it was with Tessa. He is pretty much up every 2-3 hours- such is life
Becoming very aware of us.... he surprises me everyday with his eye contact, neck strength, etc
Temperament is also very different from big sis. He is much needier than she was. he likes to be soothed to sleep, he seems to have stomach issues, and has a very aggressive, powerful cry! oh man:(
 morning snuggles
 morning smothers;)

Our morning finest

My little Christmas angel

I wanted to remember Tess in her sweet little Christmas Dress that Omie ordered for her maybe 5 months before Christmas. I figure there is so much hoopla on Christmas Eve (when she would wear the dress) that I wanted to get some pictures of her in it that were actually decent. So I took her to the funeral home (hey, its pretty) and we snapped some pics one very cold December morning. 

see, the building is pretty!

The End.

Friday, December 28, 2012

beau is two weeks

The first two weeks of Beau have FLOWN by! I noticed pretty much 1.2 seconds after his birth that he was going to be very different than his big sister-and so far he is. He is a noisy little pig!!!! Tessa has always been a dainty little girl- small appetite, quiet, minds her manners (for the most part) 
Beau is loud- makes crazy noises all day and ALL night, he is the hungriest little thing, eats all the time, and eats like a sloppy pig;)

OH BOYS!!!..... 
At Beau's two week check-up he was back up to his birth weight
8 pounds 10 oz
and had grown maybe a quarter of an inch to 21.25 inches
He is NOT into baths 
He HATES getting his diaper changed
He pretty much sleeps all day
He eats 3-4 times a night.
I am contemplating kicking him out of our room even sooner than Tess (she was 7 weeks) because he is seriously that loud when he sleeps.

cant believe he is almost 1 month now, but here are some pics from the first couple weeks.

sizing up her new brother

totally typical kid picture

ahh.... much better!

Beau's first bath- after he mellowed out from the screaming. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Beau is here!

We are so happy that Beau is here and healthy and a part of our fam. So so thankful for his debut. We are loving his sweet little personality so far. Here are the stats on the day he arrived.
Beau came 5 days early, which I suppose I kind of expected.... or maybe just hoped for. Either way I was glad he came when he did because we were READY!! It all started at 6:00 am on Tuesday December 4. contractions started coming every 7 minutes which quickly turned into every 5 minutes very quickly. We decided we Joey should go to work and I would call him when it was time to leave. It was maybe 45 minutes when I called him saying he needed to come home. We headed to the hospital and once we got there I was decidedly in labor and 5 centimeters dilated. we cozied up in our hospital room around 9:30. Fast forward several hours when Beau was born at 4:00pm on the dot and weighed in at 8 pounds 10 oz and was 21 inches long. Here are some pictures of our little boy...
Beau Baker Williams

last picture of Beau inside the belly

surprised with how much he weighed considering how tiny he looked!

He's here!

the fun "I was just born" stuff

first bath

hanging out

we are home!!

dad's newest mini me

checking out the new situation

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

for the books.....

I need to hop back on the wagon here because this here blog is basically Tessa's baby book for now. So with that I will mention what she is up the last 1.5 months. 
 enjoying the last warmer days of fall
 neighborhood watch
 Omi came to visit and Tess was busy in the kitchen
 Tessa's gourmet cookies
 stare off

 rally kitty

 playdoh with Jake
 fro yo
 more kitty

good times with Vi Vi

At Tess' 18 month check up she was tall and thin. 90+% for height and about 50% for weight. She has become a human repeater. She says everything these days. including phrases like "I love you" and "I see you" and "sit down" and other basic phrases or commands.  She loves her family doggie members Willie and Elroy so much and talk about them all the time. She loves Chocolate milk very much, and "foonies" -smoothies.
She is in a big girl bed most of the time, and is doing great. Sleeping 11-12 hours and not getting out of bed:)
She is eagerly anticipating baby brother... ;)