Wednesday, July 27, 2011

just some cutie pics...

...of our recent happenings.
posing in her cute outfit from her Auntie April.

hanging out on the fabulous Dr's office paper!.... where can I buy that stuff!?

Tess told me she thought the nose on this vino was a smidge robust for her taste

hanging out in the produce aisle

snuggling in her wearable blanket

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy 4 Months!

Tess you are four months old now! I can hardly believe how quickly time is passing by now that you are in our lives.... Even though I remember life before you were here..... I now cannot imagine our life with out you! You are our PURE joy. You make any bad day better, you make a sad heart happy. Your smile is contagious. We cant wait to hear your sweet laugh come out of that HUGE open mouth smile so very soon. You roll now all the time. from front to back, from back to front... you roll and roll and roll! You make us nervous now with all your moving, and now we have to keep an extra keen eye on you. You now sleep on your tummy!! It was a hard adjustment for your mama, but you are so comfy that way, and that's what matters.
you are sleeping from 7:30 or 8:00- 7:30 the next morning. we are currently working on nap time but you are doing well with your "crib" time from 9:30-11:00 and 2:00-3:30 (sometimes a quick evening nap too)
your hands are in your mouth all the time, and when your hands arent in there, you are trying to put something else in that mouth. I swear by the 5 month update you will have some teeth to show off!

Tessa is...
getting so much stronger and is pushing up on her tummy all the time onto her arms, and is getting close to sitting up on her own.
Tess is also pretty much pre crawling and inching her body forward and moving across the floor.... I have a feeling she will be crawling in the next month too.... wow future toothed child AND crawler coming soon! (crazy!)

so here are the stats...
weight 11lb. 8.6 oz (10%)
Height 24 1/2 inches (60%)
Head 15.75 cm. (20%)

We love you little peanut! Enjoy your 4th month of life:)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Caleb Turns 1!

Our nephew Caleb turned 1 July 8th! It is hard to imagine that a whole year has gone by since this little boy was born. He has added so much spunk, and personality, and adventure to our family! Caleb you are a one of a kind nephew FULL of life! we cannot even fathom our lives without you! We LOVE YOU.

Watch him grow!
Hanging with uncle Joey when he was 2 days old.

Proud mom and dad

my buddy came to visit in the hospital before Tess was born

Caleb's First Birthday!!!

Happy first year of life dear boy!

Omi's Birthday

We were in San Luis to celebrate my mom's birthday this year and celebrate we did!! I am positive Omi had a very fun birthday with her cutie tootie Tess! GG and Grandad were there too!

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you

2nd Anniversary

Over our little trip we celebrated our 2nd anniversary! Actually..... it was the day we took Tess to the ER.... and spent about three hours there! Fun times. I guess that is what your anniversary turns into when you are a parent:) Any who, since Tess wasnt feeling well we decided to keep it a mellow celebration, and ended up going to our favorite little place sycamore mineral springs in Avila. We have been there many times just the two of us, and it was a nice time to get away and really talk to each other. I dont even know if we mentioned Tessa. anyways here are some pictures to reminisce the love!

Here are some pictures from celebrating our first anniversary..... we were down in La Jolla. My mom saved the top layer of our pretty wedding cake for a whole year! Thanks mom for sacrificing some of your precious freezer space for us! I wish I could say the cake was still delicious, but it wasnt..... we got some fun fresh dessert that night anyway so all was good!

and this is how we celebrated our 2nd anniversary!

poor little sick girl.

here's to 1,583,575 more anniversaries to celebrate with you Joey!

Tessa's first trip to the ER

After getting back from Tracy's wedding I was DYING to see Tessa. Joey and I popped out of bed the next morning to go fetch her from the O'Neils only to find her with a BAD cold. Poor girl, I felt so terrible. Tess got her first cold at 14 weeks old. We decided to take her to the Emergency Room since we were out of town and couldnt go see her Dr. It was sad and scary seeing her all congested and coughing, so we wanted to make sure she was ok.

We told Tess to ham it up for the pictures..... we thought she did a really good job looking so sad and sick.
here is proper ER documentation.

I must admit Tess was the happiest sick baby I have ever seen! what a little trooper. THank goodness her cold only lasted about a week.

Tracy and Derek's Wedding

It was my great blessing and pleasure to be in Dear Tracy's wedding June 26th! I had the best weekend being apart of all the wedding festivities. It was hard being away from Tessa, but I knew she was in good hands. It was her first weekend away from me at three months old! Omi and the O'Neils had a ball watching her.... I wasnt worried one bit. In the meantime I was apart of this.

The wedding was totally amazing and gorgeous!.... Tracy looked simply to die for..... and the evening was delightful! what fun we had being apart of Tracy and Derek's amazing night!!!

our 3 week adventure

there has been a lot of fun family happenings in the last three weeks of summer time.... I will do my best to organize them chronologically. :)

Here we go!