Friday, September 11, 2009

Some exciting news....!!!

If you havent heard all ready......There is a baby on the way.....

Dont worry, I'm not talking about me.
Dearest Christin Due Mid November, I am hoping she delivers on the early side, October 30th to be exact. :)
Hello belly at almost 30 weeks.

Happy Birthday Dear KATY....

Today is Katy's 17th birthday, I know, I can hardly believe it....
Katy, I hope you have an awesome day filled with fun, love, and lots of junky candy, food, cake, etc.

Joey and I love you!!

Singing a bday jingle

Us at the booty crack of dawn to get in to dland earlier than the rest...

Thursday, September 10, 2009


You might be asking yourself today, hmmm what is Aly up to lately because she doesn’t have a whole lot going on in her life right now…. (OK. maybe the thought never crossed your mind, but HUMOR me pleeease). Well, I will tell you what I have been up to. One of the little projects I have wanted to do in our home is create a space for me. I have read in a few marriage books that each partner in the marriage needs their own space in their house. Whether that space is a fully furnished office, craft room, (craft closet ;) ) or even a corner of some room, each needs his/her area. My space happens to be this baker’s rack looking desk that I love. Since we have had it, I painted (ok Joey painted) the wood black. The desk is bursting at the seams with stationary, pens, pencils, craft supplies, and our printer. I wanted to give my space an extra boost of sweetness so this last Friday I painted the coordinating desk chair ALL.DAY.LONG. Seriously I woke up and painted until Joey got home (5-ish). When he asked me what I did all day, I HAD to laugh, because I did nothing but paint a chair. But I have to justify myself in saying this is no slap and schlack paint job. I sanded, painted a coat of black paint, let it dry, painted over the black paint with several coats of turquois paint and then used a knife and sand paper to scrape and sand the chair to look worn and distressed. I tried to scrape the paint in areas that a chair would actually be worn in. I have to say I’m in total like with the final look of my new improved chair, to my new and improved “me” space.

Before...(cluttered, and boring)

After...(more organized and fun!)

***Note: I am working on getting the pictures bigger***

Friday, September 4, 2009


Although Friday is usually highly favored and anticipated for me, this year is a little different. Because Joey is in an administrative program at Sac. State all day Saturdays, Friday isn’t really the good weekend material it used to be. On Fridays Joey usually preps for this class, finishes his readings, and we typically don’t do much. Because of this Fridays this year are just,… well,… BLAH. Maybe, once I make some friends in the greater region of Sacramento, or when the program that takes over our weekends is over in June, Fridays may gain back their glamour.

I am including this picture of Joey from Wednesday morning.

It was school picture day and though this picture was taken at 5:30 a.m. he is still looking very camera ready! ☺
(This is me camera stalking him in the kitchen)

Joey and I went to a restaurant in Sacramento a few weeks ago called the Squeeze In. It’s name really does a good job describing the place because people wait in loooong lines, and cram up in this tiny restaurant trying to get on of TEN coveted bar stools to eat on at the counter. The Squeeze In was featured on Food Network’s Dinner, Drive-ins, and Dives which is pretty cool.

It was featured as having one of the B-E-S-T burgers, and it is seriously true. The burgers there are sooo dang good I can hardly stand it. I don’t mean to be rude to my dad (his burgs are bomb) but the burgers at the Squeeze In are seriously a whole different caliber. The steamy buns, and chewy -crunchy -cheesy ring around the burg. are sooo good!!
Here are some action shots of the burgers

Seriously Yum!

Ok friends, have a FAB labor day weekend!