Tuesday, September 20, 2011

half a year you say?

Tess is half a year old... She is in her prime months, and loving every second

My my does Tessa have A LOT of energy! she gets random bursts of excitement throughout the day that include but are not limited to: screaming, drooling, squealing, jumping, rocking, drooling, babbling, drooling, blubbering, laughing, sighing, drooling. Did I mention the drooling. NO? well in that case, she is A DROOL BUCKET. we are dealing with it minute by minute, but Im really trying to help her understand it isnt lady like. ;)

Tessa's full time job is sitting! When she isnt on the clock she enjoys laying on her belly, standing in the excersaucer (thanks caleb!) playing with all kinds of things (tags on soft toys and books seem to be her favorite) and EATING. She loves food so much I think she would trade in milk for food any day. But the milk must go on.... such is life.

Tessa is very meticulous with her little fingers and loves to turn pages of her books and fondle the tags (see, she is obsessed!) she grabs EVERYTHING and will hold it until it drops! for example she held the plastic stick attached to her big piano/xylophone all the way out of her room and into the hallway one day when I picked her up. This girl is STRONG.

She has been enjoying an earlier bedtime of about 5:45-6:00 lately (since she still tends to be a poor napper)

I CANNOT believe Tessa Love is 6 months old... Not sure how that happened at all but she is a wonderful, sweet, happy baby who is so loved!

She is 26 inches tall
weighs 13.8 pounds

and is pretty much the smallest jelly bean in the jar..... But she is probably also the cutest:):):)