Tuesday, November 13, 2012

for the books.....

I need to hop back on the wagon here because this here blog is basically Tessa's baby book for now. So with that I will mention what she is up the last 1.5 months. 
 enjoying the last warmer days of fall
 neighborhood watch
 Omi came to visit and Tess was busy in the kitchen
 Tessa's gourmet cookies
 stare off

 rally kitty

 playdoh with Jake
 fro yo
 more kitty

good times with Vi Vi

At Tess' 18 month check up she was tall and thin. 90+% for height and about 50% for weight. She has become a human repeater. She says everything these days. including phrases like "I love you" and "I see you" and "sit down" and other basic phrases or commands.  She loves her family doggie members Willie and Elroy so much and talk about them all the time. She loves Chocolate milk very much, and "foonies" -smoothies.
She is in a big girl bed most of the time, and is doing great. Sleeping 11-12 hours and not getting out of bed:)
She is eagerly anticipating baby brother... ;)