Wednesday, August 26, 2009

International warning...

For any or all who every decide to read this blog, I am letting you know NOW, that it will be FILLED with typos and spelling errors. Some can attest to my horrific spelling, I will do my best, but sorry if I dont catch it!

flowers, angelie, and friends

So I started helping Joey’s best friend’s wife do flowers for weddings several times a month.  She is supper talented and smart to have started this business because the Lodi/Stockton has a need for all that is wedding.  Anyways, One of the MAJOR perks about my helping her thus far is her sweet baby girl.  It all started back last May when I got a phone call from Joey telling me this baby was on the way….my college roommates could attest to how excited I was; I think mostly because I knew this was the first baby that would play a major role in Joey and my life.  When she was born in February we were so amazed! A couple and family we were so close with had just changed forever, and although things are no longer how they truly used to be, I wouldn’t want to go back to the days before ANGELIE. 

Now she is a whoppin’ six months old!... she has grown so fast and all though I love that she is getting bigger and more playful and cute, time has SERIOUSLY blown by.
Here is a picture of her from last week.  Charlie (Angelie’s Dad) basically put her on the counter where she is hanging off the edge of the granite.

Angelie also looks soo much like her dad it is funny! Every time we see her she looks more like him. I secretly LOVE it.

Let’s do a little compare contrast shall we??

(Dont know why that pic is soo jumbo)

The last pictures are simple a tribute to my besties from college. I’m posting these pictures really because I miss them, I love our memories, and I love them.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The First....

I have debated for months and months whether to do this blog thing or not....And I think I finally came to the conclusion that I get soo much insight and info and enjoyment out of reading others blogs, why not give it a go???

I also have a wee bit of free time on my hands right now. I am newly married, and unless you call cleaning the kitchen multiple times a day and living at the gym amongst other things a "job"....I am Jobless for the time being.

I also think the blog thing is fun for the friends that I no longer live with or by. This gives us a candid glimpse into each others lives, and all of this is hugely important to stay connected and close.

So for now I will leave you with the profound words my husband (Joey) said to me last night before I went to sleep,
"Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker." -Willy Wanka and the Chocolate factory. (This had nothing to do with what we were talking about, and EVERYTHING to do with how random, and funny he can be.) Ahhhh, the words of the wise, thanks Wanka.