Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3 months!

I can hardly believe Tess is three months old!! I would say she is growing like a weed, but quite frankly.... she isnt. She is still pocket sized, but we are finding out with everyday she has BIG personality!

we weighed her at the Butcher Shoppe (thanks Joe!) to get her unofficial weight for her third month stats!

weight is about 11 pounds (according to babycenter.com is in the 10th percentile for weight)
height is 24 inches (around 75th percentile for height)

she is "standing" more on her feet
going to the gym for child care (mom and tess both love it:))
is sucking her fist like its a giant jawbreaker, trying hard to get to the center.
drooling!!!..... sheesh, this girl is a mess these days (teething in the near future?)
sleeping from 7:30-8:00 to about 6-6:30
she has started grabbing her toys, and swatting at the animals hanging on her play gym
she coos whole sentences.... soo funny!
she greets Joey or me each morning with a GIANT smile when we go get her from her crib... seriously melts your heart every time.

here are some more fun pictures.

and her flower chair picture....

look at her grow!

Let the summer fun begin...

Well it is officially hot in Lodi and what else to do but go hang at the local pool.... Our gym membership allows us to have access to the tennis club in lodi where there is a pool, a kiddie pool, lounge chairs, etc. We have gone the past two days and it has been great! Yesterday we took Tess along with the intent that she would be in the child care at the club.... however there isnt child care at this facility SO... we took Tess in the pool yesterday in her diaper and bloomers, and she LOVED it! coo-ing, and relaxing just like she does in the bath. Today, we packed up and went back to the pool for Tess's official pool photo shoot:) she loved her suit, and we had a grand time in the kiddie pool.

this one cracks me up!
Tess's 3 month post will be up soon.... stay tuned:)

Thursday, June 9, 2011


So wayyyyy back at Christmas, before we knew Tess was a she, Emily got the whole family Giants tickets for a June 4th game! we were pumped and it was so fun having the game to look forward to with the new family addition. Little did we know come June, the weather was going to be raining and freezing.... but the game MUST go on and we had such a great time!!!! without further ado here is miss T at her first game:)

Getting ready for the game!

Tess inside dad's jacket fast asleep!

Tio Meeko....Teeko

It was such a fun day, thanks Aunt Em for the great Christmas present, and for putting the day together!

Friday, June 3, 2011


I still cant believe that this.....

plus this....

made this!


Thursday, June 2, 2011


dont know what the deal is with uploading videos, sometimes they load quickly, sometimes they take WAY TOO long to load and I get over it, and sometimes they dont load at all.... ahh, the life of someone practically computer illiterate.