Friday, December 28, 2012

beau is two weeks

The first two weeks of Beau have FLOWN by! I noticed pretty much 1.2 seconds after his birth that he was going to be very different than his big sister-and so far he is. He is a noisy little pig!!!! Tessa has always been a dainty little girl- small appetite, quiet, minds her manners (for the most part) 
Beau is loud- makes crazy noises all day and ALL night, he is the hungriest little thing, eats all the time, and eats like a sloppy pig;)

OH BOYS!!!..... 
At Beau's two week check-up he was back up to his birth weight
8 pounds 10 oz
and had grown maybe a quarter of an inch to 21.25 inches
He is NOT into baths 
He HATES getting his diaper changed
He pretty much sleeps all day
He eats 3-4 times a night.
I am contemplating kicking him out of our room even sooner than Tess (she was 7 weeks) because he is seriously that loud when he sleeps.

cant believe he is almost 1 month now, but here are some pics from the first couple weeks.

sizing up her new brother

totally typical kid picture

ahh.... much better!

Beau's first bath- after he mellowed out from the screaming. 

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