Friday, January 11, 2013

Little Beau is 1 month old! Here he is in the flower chair;)
Well by 5 weeks old Beau already had a bad cough- to the Dr. he went.
There we were informed that he weighs 10 lbs
Sleep is.... not nearly as cool as it was with Tessa. He is pretty much up every 2-3 hours- such is life
Becoming very aware of us.... he surprises me everyday with his eye contact, neck strength, etc
Temperament is also very different from big sis. He is much needier than she was. he likes to be soothed to sleep, he seems to have stomach issues, and has a very aggressive, powerful cry! oh man:(
 morning snuggles
 morning smothers;)

Our morning finest

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    Beau is beautiful and getting bigger every day!! I miss you all so very much and being in CG together!!

    What shall we do @ this?? a play date? ha! I will text and lets see when we can work out some time together!!

    Much love and missing you all!