Wednesday, January 18, 2012

10 months.

Tess is in the double digits now. Oh my how quickly this is all going. She is practically in college;)

The big 10 month old likes to spend her time pushing around her walker, and steering it with great precision like a car, avoiding edges of furniture etc.
She eats like a pig still, loves her food, doesnt matter what it is.
She says dog, it sounds more like "duh" though.
She is getting very close to walking, I would guess this month sometime. We shall see.

She is still having 4 bottles a day and three meals, but we are going to go down to three bottles soon.
She loves standing and bouncing in her crib.
She loves trips to Target, and the store for that matter.
She loves PEOPLE!!!! she is soo social!

and LOVES to dance and wave at everything!!

Tess has 3 teeth now. two bottoms, one top. We are wondering where the other front top tooth is???:)
Sleeps from 6pm-6:30ish am and then back to sleep for about an hour after her morning bottle.

 Two naps still. around 9:45 and 1:45 both about an hour long.
 my has this little girl grown. Here she is at one week.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

April's Wedding/ Weekend in SD

Tess took her second trip via plane down to San Diego for her Auntie April's wedding.  While I did not get very many pictures of the wedding itself her are some from the weekend.

 sunny morning stroll in Pacific Beach

 Cousin Landon laying at the pool
 Must SWIM!!

 Loving the hotel amenities...Cable!
Bride and Brother
250 anchor cookies favors
 Crazy flower girl!

Bride and Flower Girl
 April and Ben.... So happy!
Annie Mac came to see you Tess!! what a treat:)

And that is it. Didn't get too many pictures. Joey, Tess and I were all in the wedding so it was really fun, but VERY busy! We are sad the sunny weekend in San Diego is over, but glad to get back home.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tessa' First Christmas Part II

So after Christmas Eve with Joey's side of the fam, we made a quick little pit stop at church and off to Arroyo Grande to see Omi, Poppy, Annabelle, Auntie Em, and Teeko. We got there around midnight and went straight to sleep to gear up for Christmas morning!!!!

morning bottle with annabelle
and when the sun rose, it was wonderful!!! A warm house full of pj clad people we love.
ELROY!... and a pretty scene in the family room with the fireplace going and the tree lit with presents abounding. Tess was in heaven! 

 Omi and Poppy got this little beauty for Tess.
 and she loooooves it!

 The start of new family traditions with Elf on the Shelf.
 clad with flower wear from Lady Bobbie
 Kind of a creepy picture

 Lots of snuggles with Elroy.
We all enjoyed the morning there before we headed to LA mid day to be with Mair Mair and Bobbo and cousins. The day after Christmas we rose at the crack of dawn to get ourselves to Disneyland where we spent the day with the O'Neil Family! We had the most wonderful time, While Tess spent the day with Laura and Omi at downtown Disney and napping in the Grand California.

We left La the 27th and stayed until the 29th in A.G. before making our way back to Lodi, to meet Jude Fairchild (who was just a few hours old!)

Tess had the most enjoyable Christmas season. Thanks to all who made it so lovely for her... and US!!!:)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tessa's First Christmas Part I

Tess had the most wonderful Christmas a nine month old can have! She felt so loved with her advent presents, Christmas eve presents, and Christmas morning gifts!! I still havent put everything in its proper place. Lucky little girl.

 This one cracks me up! Uncle Ben, Tess and Caleb. Caleb!!
 Joey's Aunt Carolyn
 Boys in the kitchen
 Only picture with Auntie April. (blurry)
 cousin shot

 Tess loved Caleb's present
 Our fam

Anyways, we spent Christmas Eve at our house with Joey's whole side of the fam. April and Ben came up from San Diego and I believe there were 15 of us here for dinner. Then Caleb and Tess opened gifts and had a ball. So cute! We had a wonderful night.

(my camera was on the wrong setting all night so pics suck)