Monday, October 17, 2011

7 Months!

and oh my!
I swear Tessa in the last few days you have caused some serious increase in blood pressure levels! Im pretty sure I cant even blink without finding you in an interesting situation. Like how I went to get your bath water ready and when I came back into your room you were underneath your crib/crib skirt not to be seen!! You love to scale stools, bookshelves, tables, you name it... you have used it to get you standing up! I can only imagine what is to come in the next couple of months.

I have no clue how much you weigh Im thinking somewhere in the 14/15 pounds

You love to eat. Bananas are simply your all time faves!
You do funny things like put your "padi" in mommy and daddy's mouths.... we think its cool.
You pretty much sprint crawl now.
You love your clicking noises you make
You smack and fake chew
You blow raspberries on our shoulders when we hold you..... you think its cool

You adore peek-a-boo and romping around on the bed!
You are sooo smiley and loving.... funny how your name suites you so well.

Love you Dear Tessie. Keep smiling and loving!

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  1. Aly- so fun to reconnect with you. Your family is beautiful and your little girl is precious. If you guys ever make it out to Colorado we'd love to see you and you can always stay with us. Are you on Facebook? Hope your parents are doing well. Aaron says hi